Planning & Zoning Commission

The Planning & Zoning Commission is composed of seven (7) members appointed by the Mayor subject to confirmation by the City Council.

The Planning & Zoning Commission is an advisory board to the City Council on land use matters, while acting as a final decision-maker on matters related to subdivision plat approval.

Commission duties.

The Planning & Zoning Commission shall have the duty to review the plans, plat or replat of any subdivision which lies within the city limits or within the City's area of control as provided for in state law, to determine if the proposed plans, plat or replat of such subdivision complies with all applicable City ordinances and codes. The City Planning & Zoning Commission shall make its recommendations known to the City Council at the next regular meeting of such governing body. The City Council shall retain the right to final approval and disapproval of any proposed subdivision, plan, plat or replat as may be submitted to the city planning commission.

Commission powers.

The Planning & Zoning Commission shall have the power and it shall be its duty:

  1. To make and recommend for adoption a master plan, as a whole or in parts, for the future development and redevelopment of the municipality.
  2. To perform such other duties as may be prescribed by ordinance or state law.
  3. To make plans and maps of the whole or any portion of the City and of any land outside the City which, in the opinion of the Commission, bears a relation to the planning of the City, and to make changes in, additions to, and extension of such plans or maps when it deems same advisable. Such maps and plans shall show the Commission's recommendations for the location and extent of streets, bridges, subways, parkways, parks, playgrounds, and other public grounds and public improvement, for the location of public buildings and other properties, and of public utilities, whether publicly or privately owned, for water, light sanitation, transportation, communication, power, and other purposes, and for the removal, relocation, widening, extension, narrowing, vacation, abandonment or change of use of any of the foregoing public places, works, buildings or utilities.
  4. To make studies and project plans for the improvement of the City with a view of its future development and extension.
  5. We Want YOUTo act with and assist all other municipal and governmental agencies and especially the City Council in formulating and executing proper plans of municipal development.
  6. To select and recommend to the City Council routes of streets and particularly to investigate and recommend the opening, widening and abandoning of streets, or the changing thereof to confirm with the City's system, present and future, of streets, avenues, parks and parkways.
  7. To investigate, consider and report to the City Council upon the layout or platting of new subdivisions of the City or property adjacent to or near the City when requested by the City Council to do so, and to perform all duties imposed upon the City Planning & Zoning Commission by the statutes of the state.
  8. To recommend plans to the City Council for improving, developing, expanding, and beautifying the parks and parkways in or adjoining the City and to cooperate with the City in devising, establishing, locating, improving, selecting, expanding, and maintaining the public parks, parkways, playgrounds, and places for public recreation.
  9. To aid and assist the City Council in the procuring of financial and other aid and assistance for the City from the state and federal governments and other agencies, for each and all of the purposes hereinabove enumerated.
  10. To make recommendations to the City Council concerning traffic regulations and control which directly affects the proper functioning of the City planning programs adopted by the City Council.
  11. To prepare and recommend to the City Council the capital improvements program for the City.
  12. To aid and assist the City Council in all matters pertaining to public works programs to include the streets, water and sewer systems until such time as the City establishes a separate Department of Public Works.
  13. To prepare and recommend to the City Council plans for annexation of land into the City and plans for strip annexation to expand the jurisdictional area of the City.
  14. Generally to investigate, consider, and recommend to the City Council all matters for the development and advancement of the City's physical layout and appearance.

 (Ord. No. 73, Sec. 4, 12-11-1979)

The Planning & Zoning Commission is subject to both the Open Meetings Act and the Public Information Act, therefore; accurate meeting minutes are considered permanent records.

If you are interested in serving on the Planning & Zoning Commission, please find a link for an application at the bottom of the page, or you may contact the City Secretary.

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