Patrol Division

The Magnolia Police Department’s Patrol Division is considered the backbone of the police department. It is the most visible element of our agency as it is comprised of readily identifiable police vehicles driven by uniformed police officers. The patrol division is often the first line of contact between the Magnolia Police Department and the community, lending an atmosphere of safety.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Enforce State Penal and Vehicle Code Sections, and other state and local laws and regulations governing public safety,
  • Responds to radio and telephone dispatches and handles activities at the scenes of crimes and other disorders,
  • Investigates and prepares reports on arrests and impounded property,
  • Trains in tactical and other departmental assignments, and performs related duties as assigned. 
  • The Magnolia Police Department will always strive to provide the highest quality service, preserving human rights, lives, and property, while attempting to achieve the goals and objectives of the department, the City and the community.

Goals and Objectives:

  • To serve and protect our citizens and their property.
  • Earn the respect and cooperation of the citizens of   Magnolia.
  • Reduce crime within the City through persistent patrols and aggressive pursuit of the criminal element.
  • Remain ever mindful of the profound duty and the authority that we are entrusted with.