Unity Park

Unity Park
19450 Unity Park Dr Magnolia, Texas 77355
For availability and information, please call Crystal Supak at (281356-2266 Option 2, or you may email.


  • Open Amphitheatre   
  • Covered Pavilion 75’x100’ with restrooms and kitchen
  • Skateboard Park
  • Volleyball Court
  • Horseshoe Pit
  • Walking Trails – 2 ½ miles
  • Bridges and Observation Piers
  • Splash Pad
  • Playground with child friendly equipment
  • (2) Additional Pavilions
  • Plant and Wildlife Wetlands
  • (8) Picnic Areas (Not Covered)
Thank you for considering Unity Park for your next event. Please download the Guidelines, Rules and General Information for Planning Events which has park hours, park rules, etc. If you are planning a small event, (i.e, birthday parties, picnics, reunions, etc.), you will need to use the Reservation Application for Small Events.
If you are planning a large event, (i.e., wedding, reunion, company party, barbeque cook-off, etc.), please use the Reservation Application for Large Events. 
In order to insure that your event is enjoyable, please allow yourself enough time to plan and work through all of the details. Hosting a successful event requires planning and preparation.
A deposit is required, per event, to ensure that the facility is returned in the same or better condition in which it was prior to use. All trash/debris must be deposited in the dumpsters after your event. The deposit may be refunded in part or in total after final inspection by City staff.

  Deposit for 1/2 day rental

  (4 hour minimum) 


  Deposit for full day rental
Your reserved start/finish time block includes set up/decoration, usage, and break down/clean up
 FEE SCHEDULE    Half Day        Nonprofit       Full Day         Nonprofit   
Amphitheater Only    $     75.00 $     37.50 $    150.00 $     75.00
Pavilion Only $   200.00 $   100.00 $    400.00 $   200.00
1/2 area of Pavilion Only   $   100.00 $     50.00 $    200.00 $   100.00
(with serving area) $   300.00 $   150.00 $    500.00 $   250.00
Amphitheater, Pavilion and serving area    $   375.00 $   187.50 $    650.00 $   325.00
Entire Park $   750.00 $   375.00 $  1500.00 $   750.00
Cook-off grounds N/A N/A $    200.00 $   100.00

**Residents not residing within city limits add an additional $20.00**    


One-half of the deposit will be forfeited if a reservation is cancelled before the 10th day preceding the reserved date. If the reservation is cancelled on or after the 10th day proceeding the reserved date, the entire deposit will be forfeited.

The number of people attending and type of event (i.e., if you will be serving alcohol) will determine the appropriate security ratio. It is your responsibility to coordinate security through the Magnolia Police Department.

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Unity Park rental fees, applications for large and small events, and rules and regulations are at the bottom of this page.

For you birding enthusiasts, Unity Park is the home of several different species of birds, including a red shouldered hawk.

There have been sightings of several alligators in the wetlands of Unity Park. For your own safety, all wildlife within the boundaries of any City park preserve is protected. No person may harm, harass, hunt, trap or remove any animal, including mammals, fish insects, birds, reptiles, or other living creature from any park facility or wildlife preserve except upon written approval of the City. Feeding of wildlife in any City Park is prohibited.

No person shall tease, annoy, molest, catch or throw any stone, object or missile of any kind at, or strike with any stick, object or weapon, any animal, fowl or fish in the parks. Doing so is a Class C misdemeanor punishable by fine.